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247 viewsWing lower skin, second rib from wing root. Crack extends from rear spar forward about 15" Crack goes from rivet to rivet along the rib. Nov 29, 2008
Sonera in Towing Configuration309 viewsIt is towed tail first. I typically tow at 50 mph, with the Hazard Lights on. No Incidents so far. I towed it past two bored patrolmen this fall and they didn't bite, so it looks legal.
Important: Pull it only on level ground. Don't drive/back up ramps. The tow bar will be bent.
Nov 12, 2008
Wing Folding Mecanism 2310 viewsPhoto looking inboard and upwards. The brown tube slides into the wing when the wing is telescoped to meet the4 fuselage.
Important: whenever the wings are folded/unfolved the Tube must be parallel with the forks(shown) otherwise the forks will be bent up or down.
Nov 12, 2008
Wing Folding Mechanism333 viewsView Looking aft. It's a good idea to place a piece of sheet rubber 1/8" thick to protect each wing spars. Tyrap rubber in place. Nov 12, 2008
Wing Fixture and Donuts230 viewsView Looking Aft. Nov 12, 2008
Wing Fixture Side View253 viewsThis view shows two of the 8 pivoting tabs that hold the wings in towing position. The tabs are cushioned with Rubber. 2 Bungees hold the fixture in placeNov 12, 2008
Wing Fixture221 viewsShown looking aft. A steel bar is inserted through the static port tube. It is about 3/4" D and drilled at the ends for lock pins.Nov 12, 2008
Towing Rear View268 viewsShows tail section ready to tow with
Tow bar, Wing folded, Wing Fixture installed, Light Bar installed and lights connected.
Nov 12, 2008
Tow Bar246 viewsShows tow bar attachment DetailNov 12, 2008
Tow Bar230 viewsSide View. Tow bar Clamps to tail at 3 places. Rubber sheet protects spars from damage. Nov 12, 2008
180 viewsNov 12, 2008
Light bar209 viewsThis light bar has trailer lights on it as well as a Plate for a Utility Trailer. The serial number is the N-Number or Registration Marks.Nov 12, 2008
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