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Volatage Regulator Adapter
Edward Schrom

Led Panel Lighting
Tom Mitchell

Sticky Aerocarb Fix
Edward Schrom

Sonerai Elevator Push Rod Bearing
David Wilcox

Sonerai Factoid 2
Jim Cunningham
Author: John Monnett: from Sonerai to Sonex
June 24th, 2008

Sonerai Factoid
Jim Cunningham
Author: John Monnett: from Sonerai to Sonex
May 24th, 2008

Ed's Essays - Covering Your Aircraft Part 1
Submitted by Ed Fisher

Tiny Tach Installation
Submitted by Juergen Thiesen


Ed's Essay - Landing Gear Position
Submitted by Ed Fisher

Ed's Essay - Racing Engine Baffles
Submitted by Ed Fisher

Ed's Essay - Wing Incidence Change
Submitted by Ed Fisher

Composite Techniques Part 1 - Material Identification, Repair and Changes on a Cowling
Submitted by Juergen Thiesen

Hoerner Wingtip Conversion for the Sonerai Part 1.
Submitted by Jeff Lange

VW Valve Lash Adjustment
Submitted by Scott Plischke

ANR Headset Upgrade
Submitted by Scott Plischke

Weight and Balance Calculation for the Sonerai Aircraft
Submitted by David Wilcox, Sonerai IILS / IILTS

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