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Running around 3100rpm, 1700ft indicating 125mph

I used comercially  rivnuts from wurth. ( a la NAS1329A06 style)
They have a SS flush head series with reduced head.
They work from 0.5 mm sheet thickness.
Easy to install but you need a special pliers for it.
Realy elegant solusion, however they are not self locking.
I never experinced them losening up...but if they do, it is simple to install them with low strengt locktite.

Kind regards,

Have you looked at Spruce's offerings?  They have all kinds of anchor nuts, including one leg and corner styles.  One of these may work.

I was thinking of using rivnuts both on the access panels and for attaching the floorboards.  They eliminate the need to drill for the attachment rivets, but the NAS1329  type will protrude a bit above the tab surface (and the flush mount NAS1330 type has too deep of a head - 0.65 is needed, but the tabs are only .032).

Has anyone successfully used rivnuts for these mounts?

The tabs provided for the two aluminum access panels in the tail section are pretty small.  I'm not sure there is enough material for mounting anchor nuts.  I'm throwing this out to the crowd to see what type of fasteners have been used back there and what you recommend.  Thanks!

All the best,
General Discussion / Re: who's flying this weekend
« Last post by mhflyit on Jun 24, 2017 »
Another hour logged this morning!
I threw up some pics.  I lost the pic of the lower intake and it's really hard to snap one with it all assembled.  Good Luck!  This forum has been amazing as have Fred and Great Plains.  My next challenge is getting the engine to run cool enough.  Then I want to add some real estate to the fin.  After that I'll address it's looks :-*
Roger That Cannonball! Thank you so much! I'll be looking for the pics when you have the time. After I view your pics, I will PM you with my personal e mail and cell#. I want to look at the pics first then I can ask fewer but more relevant questions. As far as a "50 footer"…lol…my bird is looks pretty new, even though it was built in the early eighties. It did not get flown very much…just over 100+ hrs on the airframe. The engine was overhauled with new cam and jugs, new fabric and paint about a year before I bought it, but the actual firewall and baffles, and other areas "under the hood" are not cosmetic beautiful but are functional. I can address that stuff at leisure. But the hand propping HAS GOT TO GO!
Thx for all this comm. and eagerness to assist Mr.! I really, really appreciate it!
…standing by for pics, etc…..

General Discussion / Re: who's flying this weekend
« Last post by jeff naul on Jun 23, 2017 »
not Me thx to tropical storm Cindy! :o
Most of what I did, I learned from this awesome forum, Great Plains, and of course Fred.  There are quite a few ways to do what I did.  So I can tell you how I did it and you can decide if that's the way you want to do it.  I have pics that I can post sometime this weekend. Here goes:

The X-Case will be no more.  The Diehl case replaces it.  I didn't have a problem reusing all of the bolts, rubber mounts, etc with the Diehl case.  The case itself is about 1/2" wider than the X case so you have to cut up the front of your fuselage and weld in new mounts.  Fred has the template for the mount placement.  You can find it on this site if you dig and you can find it at Great Plains if you dig.  I'm not sure I saved Fred's email...  Best to call/email Fred.  I used 5/8" 4130 tubing for the new cross members. I used thick mild steel for the 4 mounts where the bolts are bolted.  TIG welded it.  Torch welding would work, also.

Fred did the same thing to his plane few years back, by the way.  He chose the 6 o'clock starter position.  I chose the 12 o'clock.  With the 12 o'clock you have to cut the top cross member and weld it over the top of the starter, tightly!  I chose to do 90 degrees angle vs an arch.  I did this so I could have a good place to mount the top of the mag/starter cover.  6 o'clock position would have messed up my lower intake, fuel lines, and wiring too badly.

My slick mag still sits in the middle but you have to cant it to fit under the starter.  Mounting it 45 degrees to the right did the trick but I had to drill/tap some new holes for the hold down mag bolts.

I measured it out for the cowl and I think the diehl case ended up being about 1/2" longer than the X mount (firewall forward).  This worked for my cowl.  Remaking the mag/starter cover took a while.  I think it ended up being about 1" further aft than the other one so I had to move the gas tank back.  Luckily I had room before I bumped up against the back of the instruments.

I mounted the battery behind the pilot. The master and starter solenoids are mounted on the back of the pilot seat.  The transponder is mounted on a cross member by my right thigh.  The encoder is mounted on top of the rear spar.  The ELT is mounted above the battery.

I don't think the CG moved too much.  I actually didn't weigh it before tearing it apart.  It ended up being 627lbs I'm sure it added at least 40lbs with the new case, starter, battery, ELT, Transponder, Wires, etc. BUT, well worth it in my opinion.  My back has been tweaked and hand propping wasn't in the cards.

I had a Y lower intake that I cut up and got to fit using longer fuel resistant hose.  I had the engine on/off several times working on the intake.  I hung my motor from the ceiling with a come-a-long which allowed me to do it myself.

Stay tuned for pictures.  So far this is a 50' airplane...  Looks great from 50' away!  Function has been prioritized over Form.

You can email/PM me and we can talk over the phone.

Oh yeah…cannonball…I forgot to ask about your battery and location…and any measurable CG changes/issues to contend with, etc.
Thank you SIR!
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