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SII Real World Operations
« on: Jun 03, 2017 »
Hi Folks,
I am new to the community, and don't know a lot about the Sonerai II yet. I have a set of drawings for educational material, and am considering buying a used SII. My background is high performance blind tailwheel airplanes (Pitts Special, Monocoupe 110 Special, to name a few), but I am not familiar with operating a VW conversion, and I am not sure what to expect from a low horsepower airplane in terms of performance. The last airplane I have flown in this horsepower range was a J-3 Cub, which is not a fair comparison.
 - Is it realistic to operate from a 2400' airport (at sea level) with two adult people?
 - Do you fly with two people or at max gross often? Or do you avoid it?
 - Are there notable performance differences between single person and two people ops?
 - What is a realistic initial and sustained climb rates during a max gross take off?
 - What is your indicated stall speed at max gross?
 - What speeds do you fly on downwind, base to final, and over the fence?
 - Do you fly the same speeds regardless of weight?

Regarding the VW, does it require any special operational considerations?
 - Is fuel mixture management any different from traditional engines?
 - Are the cylinders temperature sensitive, or prone to overheating?
 - Do you use EGT or fuel flow to set the mixture?
 - Anything else I should know about operating a VW?

What about the SII's performance was a surprise to you after you began flying one, both positive and/or negative?



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Re: SII Real World Operations
« Reply #1 on: Jun 06, 2017 »
I'll try to answer these questions but remember its just my opinion.

1. My elevation is 440 however I have taken off with D/A 4500 not sure I would want to with 2 aboard.
2. I could carry up to 200 lbs. to make gross, but I have not carried a passenger.
3. At the time I flew with two people I did not notice, because I had never flown by myself in one. ;D
4. Saying my max gross is 950 solo 500 to 1000 fpm depending on D/A
5. 65mph  @ 950 lbs.
6. I shoot for about 100 on downwind, but its hard to get the sucker to slow down, base and final are the same turn 85-90mph @idle.
7. Pretty close
8. Yes, it must stay running  ;) frequent oil changes and valve adjustments. I limit my rpm to 3400
9. Nope all engines like just about the same.
10. No more than any other air cooled engine, proper baffling is the key
11.I look at EGT but I have never leaned the mixture.  I usually fly around 3000 MSL
12. It must continue to run, everything else will follow.
13. Pretty much what I expected, all Sonerai's are different and performance will vary. Honest sporty and will keep you on your toe's  (or rudder for that matter)


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