Author Topic: Wanted: Sonerai II LST or LS, flying or almost finished  (Read 526 times)


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After researching LSTs and LSs for many months I am now ready to take the plunge.  I am a big guy—so no matter what I buy (or build) it must be a stretch model and will have to have at least a 2180cc or 2276cc engine (or larger).  A raised turtle deck, optional fuel tank and wings that actually fold would be nice as well.  It is very likely that I will have to modify whatever I buy—so a raised turtle deck is not an absolute necessity at this point.  I am also willing to consider a LST or LS in any stage of build, but prefer one done or nearly done.  Home base is Amarillo, TX.  For the right plane, however, distance is not a huge impediment.  But a seller will have to be willing to provide lots of pictures, build history, misc. files and the like before I make a drive across the country.  Message me through the Sonerai site and I will provide contact information.


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Hello Paul,
I just put my Sonerai II SL stretch on Barnstormers for sale. It already has the raised turtle deck (5.5").  I am a 6'5" tall guy.
The project is about 65% complete. The wings are not folding, but complete, minus the ailerons & wing tips. It comes with the engine mounting case & starter! It also has brand new main gear & tail wheel. I built the frame to accept BOTH tail wheel, OR
tricycle gear, so, take your pick!  I am asking $2995 for it, a real bargain. Check out my ad on Barnstormers.  Thanks!

Ronnie Boles
Cypress, TX    281-216-4804
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