Author Topic: AeroVee Aeroinjector woes!  (Read 729 times)

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Re: AeroVee Aeroinjector woes!
« Reply #15 on: Oct 21, 2017 »

Instead of the tailwheel steering rod I use the old school compression springs and chain setup and have found it to be totally satisfactory.  Also, that "very small rudder" has a LOT of authority.  Note that the tailwheels we use (API) have a very small footprint and therefore limited authority which I am pretty confident can be overridden by rudder at relatively low speeds.  I am quite sure that if I totally lost tailwheel steering on landing that I would have plenty of rudder authority with which to steer until I got slowed down and chose to transition to differential braking/steering.

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Re: AeroVee Aeroinjector woes!
« Reply #16 on: Oct 21, 2017 »
 I agree with Kevin, 994SP's small rudder is VERY effective, you'll like the positive response. SP also has a single rod steering arm and a tiny API solid tailwheel that works quite well on my home turf strip here in TX as well as several others I have visited. I can safely compare it as the Three RV's I built, (4,Rocket,6) all have API tail-wheels and 2 with single rod steering (and twice the weight on the TW). In 4500 hours between them, no issues whatsoever. I've never cared much for chains and springs however, I went with twin SS cables from Van's on my Harmon Rocket. It's a 1400lb airplane with an IO-540 up front and alot of P factor on takeoff, the twin steering cables are necessary. On the Sonerai, not so much. The new owner (Ken) had no problem taxiing 994SP around on the grass on his first try.
Try it... :D

 My bigger concern would be static and takeoff/climb RPM, critical when flying off grass. 3000RPM minimum during the roll and 3100-3200 in climb at 80MPH I found to be optimum.

PS: You're welcome...
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