Author Topic: Dekalb County Airport KGWB  (Read 170 times)


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Dekalb County Airport KGWB
« on: Nov 27, 2017 »
I was out at my daughters house in Indiana for the Thanksgiving holiday, and as I was driving down CR60 I pass KGWB a few miles before I get to their house.  Being the airplane Geek that I am, I was not paying attention to the road much but geeking out on the planes that were on the ramp.  And then....  I spotted a midwing Sonerai sitting outside a hangar.  I almost went back...So I am hoping it is one of our people here.  So If your Sonerai is at KGWB give me a shout out,  would love to stop by some day and chat with you.

I have looked at doing this trip in my Sonerai,  it would be about a 4 hour flight from my house, certainly a lot quicker than the 8.5 hour drive.

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