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Wing limitation
« on: Dec 04, 2017 »
In order to better understand the wing modification and its limitation, I created a overview sheet (see attachment). could you have a look and let me know if I understand something not the right way? thanks
Also, at the end of this thread, it is mentioned the gross weight can/could be increased to 1150 lbs when the wing has been reinforced. Does it mean the limitation is +/- 4.4g @ 1150 lbs?

I also built a 3D model of the A-wing reinforced and the B/S wing to help me to visualize what is involved in the modification. Could you have a look at the 3D PDF to make sure i understand correctly.



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Re: Wing limitation
« Reply #1 on: Dec 05, 2017 »
Hi Emmanuel:
I checked your spreadsheet, and the 3-D drawings, and they all appear to be correct.  The modified A-wing, the B-wing, and the S-wing are all rated at +/-3.8 Gs (standard category) at 1150 lbs gross weight.  Hope this helps.

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