Author Topic: What is longest length of single tube for 2 Stretch?  (Read 242 times)


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Still trying to wrap my head around the plans and understand tube lengths. I have some garage work and tools purchase to do this month before considering starting. Will probably start end of February, beginning of March.

As part of my research, I am running numbers from various vendors for the materials required to build the fuselage. The length of tubing makes a huge difference on shipping costs. I have compared Wicks, Aircraft Spruce and a much more expensive local vendor where I save on shipping costs. It looks like 8 ft. is the cutoff point at which shipping costs go up significantly. What length of tube is safe to order? It looks like the longest single tube lengths for the sides and bottom are approximately 7 ft? Still scratching my head on the top view.


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The longest tubes are the top and bottom longerons.  The 3/4” tubes from the firewall station to just behind the rear cockpit are roughly 90” long.  The 5/8” tubes that go from just behind the rear cockpit to the tail post are roughly 115” long, with the top tubes being a little shorter than the bottom tubes.  By the way, even though the drawings show square tube longerons, nearly everyone uses round tubes.  Round tubes are significantly less expensive than square tubes.  You only need square tubes at the main spar carry-thru mounting location.
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