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Back to building
« on: Feb 09, 2018 »
Hello all
I have been absent from the forum quite awhile.I had to put building on hold for awhile while I repaired my credit so I could purchase a home.Now I have a two car garage and built a new workbench and have settled in and got back to building.I am back working on my wing ribs.I found what the problem was.The "popsicle stick" made out of aluminum was too small and caused the nose ribs to be cut when I clamped it down in my vise.I remade it with a tighter tolerance and now the strengthening beads are satisfactory.I just did one and it turned out pretty good.I will have to however go back and make a couple new nose ribs that were ruined before, and also one trailing rib that got scratched up in the move.Joined eaa and found the video for making a bob stick to do the lightening hole flanges.I made one out of an old hickory hammer handle.It works really well!Saved a ton of money and time.Glad to be back


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