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    How to upload pictures to the Gallery

    How to upload pictures to the Gallery upload howto
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    File archive from the Sonerai_Aircraft Yahoo! Group

    Archive from the Sonerai_Aircraft Yahoo! Group. All files are contained in the attached ZIP file. Extract the file into a folder on your PC. The files are in standard text (.txt) format and can be viewed using almost any editor like Wordpad, notepad, and MS-Word.
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    WheelPants for Lamb tire

    The DXF file contains the outline and the slices to make the form for the new wheelpants for the LambTire. Submitted On: 12 Jan 2010 File Size: 35.65 Kb File Author: Juergen
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    Instructions on how to weigh, measure and calculate the center of gravity for a tail wheel Sonerai. Submitted On: 12 Nov 2008 File Size: 28.04 Kb File Author: David Wilcox
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    Instructions on how to measure, weigh, and calculate center of gravity for the nose wheel Sonerai. Submitted On: 12 Nov 2008 File Size: 28.28 Kb File Author: David Wilcox
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    W&B for Sonerai1

    This is the spreadsheet for the Weight&Balance for the Sonerai1. This sheet is based on a sheet from Scott Plischke and I had modify it for my Sonerai1 and my personal weight. Submitted On: 24 Feb 2010 File Size: 12.50 Kb File Author: Juergen
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    Sonerai1_Panel2008 CAD

    CAD file to cut a Sonerai instrument panel. Most CNC machines can import this file. It is designed with the program QCAD which is available for free from This is my version 2008. I had include a additional EGT/CHG instrument and for this I had changed the position for the...
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    Sonerai Newsletter Index

    Index to the Sonerai Newsletter back issues. 1987 through 2010. Microsoft Excel format. To purchase the CDs containing back issues of the newsletters, email File Size: 66.00 Kb File Author: Fred Keip
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    Sonerai IIL W & B Excel Worksheet

    Submitted: 26 Feb 2010 File Size: 41.50 Kb
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    Sonerai IIL Paper Airplane

    Sonerai llL paper airplane. Great project for children, young and old. The plans come from Angel Jimenez of Spain and made freely available to members of Submitted On: 15 Oct 2009 File Size: 561.07 Kb License: Free File Author: Angel Jimenez
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    Sonerai IIL Material List

    Bill of Materials for the Sonerai IIL in Excel Spreadsheet format. Submitted On: 19 Sep 2008 File Size: 26.50 Kb File Author: Jim Peoples
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    Sonerai Costs

    I've had a few inquiries about the current cost to build a Sonerai II. This spreadsheet lists all of the major components, their costs and the supplier I used to generate the costs. I have not factored in shipping costs, taxes and tools. The spreadsheet is set up to total each of the major...
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    Slick 4300 Series Overhaul Manual

    Slick 4300/6300 Series Magneto Maintenance and Overhaul Manual. Covers model 4316 which is commonly used on aero VW conversions. Note: This manual was revised on Feb 28, 2006. It may be outdated so please check for the latest revision before servicing your magneto. Submitted On: 11 Jul 2009...
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    Prop Pitch Calculation

    Calculate what prop is needed. You must change the first item of each pitch group to see the results of the pitch group for different rpms. Submitted On: 13 Aug 2008 File Size: 133.50 Kb Submitted by: Juergen Thiesen
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    panel cutout images

    Sonerai panel cutout images Submitted On: 20 Jun 2009 File Size: 13.57Kb File Author: Boris Makoowich
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