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    Stringer question

    Nice standoff. Heck, maybe that's the right way and what I said is wrong. Not sure, to tell you the truth. On the bolts for the carry-thru, I can't find any photos of mine and can't remember (of course) how I did it. In your picture, you have bushings at those holes and the bushings interfere...
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    Stringer question

    The stringers lie against the fuse. I used anti-chafing tape at the points of contact. Not sure about your second question. Ed
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    Freds Wag-A -Bond, Wag Aero Cover Star

    Sharp! Congratulations, Fred! Ed
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    A typical flight in my 2LS starts around 9.9 inches and moves aft an inch or inch and a half as the fuel burns. Racers or aerobats might prefer something different but this range works for me. Mytonic will be ok at 9.3. Ed
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    Hi Matt, 74 hours spread over four years on the 2276. My first engine was a 2180 with 042 heads...

    Hi Matt, 74 hours spread over four years on the 2276. My first engine was a 2180 with 042 heads and all four cracked between the valves. Since I went to the smaller valves, no problems. They do love to be lapped, though. Nice video! Ed
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    Clear winter day over Darrington, WA

    Nice picture! And your wingtip is in it to prove it's not a postcard! :) I must say, I have faith in my VW but I don't think I'd fly over terrain like that. Even Pennsylvania forests make me hear funny noises. Ed
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    Dave Wilcox's N136DE has a new home

    Congratulations, Chucker! You'll like it even better solo. What prop is your Revmaster turning? Ed
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    Gary's Sonerai2L build log webpage

    Hi Gary, Your web page says it was last updated in 2009. Are you still working on the plane or flying it? Ed
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    I made what I called an offset dimpler from a couple of pieces of scrap steel and used it with a pneumatic gun. It worked so well that I even wrote an article about it for one of Fred's newsletters. I wouldn't say it's any better than your idea, just another way to skin the cat. Ed
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    Christmas Eve Pre-Flight

    Merry Christmas! Just the other day I put N618ES to bed for the winter and I'm looking forward to spring already! Ed
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    SoneraiWorks Announcement

    Thanks for all you've done to support the brand, Fred, and congratulations on your third retirement. John Monnett taking his baby back sounds like a good thing, given the visibility of the Sonex name. Maybe more people will be drawn to the Sonerai, which would be nice. Ed
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    Converting Military Helmet

    Don't know for sure but I took it to be a capacitor. Ed
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    Converting Military Helmet

    Finding my old files was easier than I thought but I may have oversold my "wiring diagram." All I can find is these two things but I'll keep looking. The SoftComm was the donor headset for the parts. My eureka moment came when I realized that the PTT switch must be DPST. Ed
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    Converting Military Helmet

    Hi Chucker, I wired my own DIY headset from scrounged commercial (not military) parts. If you think it would help I'll look for my wiring diagram and send it to you. There's been a change of computers however it might take me a day or two to find it. Ed
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    Can't View this Site

    I've been trying to get in by a bookmark in Chrome but just now discovered that selecting the link presented by a Google search works. I'll refresh the bookmark. Thanks for your suggestions, Mr. Admin. Ed
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