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    Sonerai 1 A-Mod Angle Length

    All that stuff is old tech I will be using epoxy primer in the future.
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    Sonerai 1 A-Mod Angle Length

    I also did not like the splice idea .With my wings I made the shorter cap strips equal to the 48” and then went with a 48” angle. If you do this after riveting the top skins you will not have to space it down at all.
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    S-1 Prototype Virtual Tour

    I just really want to put that Sonerai on a set of scales.
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    A sad day!

    I corresponded with Tom a few times he seemed to be a great guy. We shared interests in experimental aircraft, aviation, and USPSA competitions, my other time consuming, wallet draining hobby! Tom freely shared with me some of his machining skills and info about carbon fiber layups. He will be...
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    Racegunz's Sonerai 1

    So a productive holiday season with both wing tips and ailerons installed. I have both wings on the fuse to set up the rear spar carry through and aileron controls. As I mentioned way back the fuse is wider than a stock Sonerai. I fit the control parts after the wings were on etc. I went with a...
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    Well I didn't take a pic of the weights... just cast a lead piece in that would rivet in the tip rib.
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    Having just completed this task on the wings I have (previous partial built wings) I would rather follow a modified version of my original 1 plans with the counterbalance mounted on the aileron and sandwiched between the wing and tip. At first I thought this did not look as nice a using the wing...
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    Low wing Sonerai 1

    Upon close inspection YEP! I was fooled by the title I guess! Sooo nevermind LOL! Far as single place Sonerai 2's go TMIKUS gets my vote for the sweetest ever.
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