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    Aeroshell 15-50?

    Those intake manifolds are supplied by Great Plains Aircraft Supply.
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    My Sonerai IIL has never had a fuel pump (other than gravity). I’ve used POSA’s, a float bowl HAPI UltraCarb, and the AeroCarb, and I’ve never felt the need for an electric pump. There is enough fuel head pressure to feed any of those carbs, and I don’t see any reason why a pump is needed for...
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    Is this a A or B wing?

    That is correct, with the G load limited to standard category, 3.8 g’s (4.4 g’s at 750 lbs gross weight). Also, the red line speed (Vne) is reduced to 170 mph.
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    Wanted: Supervee Cowl for Sonerai II

    Chucker, I do, but I don’t. Since I’ve sold the business back to John, I don’t want to go around him to get parts made. You might want to have a conversation with him.
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    Is this a A or B wing?

    This appears to be an A wing. A properly built B wing will have all of the reinforcements.
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    Pilot weight

    Hi Lyle, With an engine like the Jabiru 3300, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to increase the vertical tail size 15 to 25 percent. I’m not an aero engineer, so that is a bit of a SWAG on my part. John Monnett would have better insight. Because the pilot sits in the rear seat, which is aft of the...
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    3/4 main gear?

    Is it a Grove gear? If I remember correctly, Grove made a 3/4” thick gear that was 4” or 5” wide where it attached to the fuselage. The standard Sonerai gear is now 5/8” thick and 6” wide at the fuselage.
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    Pilot weight

    Pilot weight is not a problem. I weigh around 230 lbs, and I’m 6’-0” tall. My IIL has no problem with that. Your concern should be dealing with you 6’-4” height. You will have to raise the turtle deck and vertical tail height so that you can sit in it with the canopy closed.
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    magnet ring riveting

    I did it to the magnet ring on the Electro-X on my original Monnett 1850. I just tried to make sure the rivets were evenly spaced around the ring so as not upset the balance (I don’t remember if I used 2 or 3 rivets). If I remember correctly (it was a long time ago), I used 1/8” stainless...
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    Fabric riveted?

    The rivets would be used the same as rib stitching in that the fabric would be secured to the ribs only. The fabric is glued to the leading and trailing edges. If you are recovering, and want to rib stitch, go ahead. It makes no difference as far as performance is concerned.
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    Learning to fly in a sonerai ii????

    The Sonerai II is not a good airplane to learn to fly in. It is a great airplane, and fun to fly, but it’s mission is not training. It’s too small. The best thing you can do is to buy a good used Cessna 150 or Piper Cherokee 140. There are lots of them for sale for around $20K. You can...
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    Mounting cowling

    The cowling location relative to the front face of the prop hub is really a function of the width of the spinner rear bulkhead flange. If the flange is 3/4” wide, you’ll want the front of the cowling about 7/8” back from the prop hub face. When I installed my cowling, I made a plywood bulkhead...
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    Hi Chucker, Does your HAPI engine have the voltage regulator? I bought a very nice HAPI 1835 last year for my UltraPup project, but it did not have the regulator. I’m now trying to figure out what I can replace it with. The stator is a Synchro p/n 21800, and it has a three-wire lead with a...
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    GPASC Sonerai Aircraft Promo Video

    If you really want a starter, and don’t want to change the engine mount locations on the fuselage, talk to Scott Casler at Hummel Engines. He can make a rear housing that has a starter and matches the Monnett mount pattern. He’s done it for other builders.
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    GPASC Sonerai Aircraft Promo Video

    Or load it on this site.