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  1. mhflyit

    Clear winter day over Darrington, WA

    Stunning! You've had 'biblical' wet weather recently! Proper rain and not just mist - my finance team is in Bellevue and I get here every 8 weeks or so.
  2. mhflyit

    Dave Wilcox's N136DE has a new home

    Congratulations Chucker!! Now you can post lots of flight videos!!
  3. mhflyit

    Sonerai 2LS for sale w/ enclosed trailer

    594lbs empty wt; 800fpm+ climb with one on board and 9 gals fuel. ~4gal/hr fuel burn
  4. mhflyit

    Sonerai 2LS for sale w/ enclosed trailer

    N685L (for sale) has the same GP engine - 132mph no wheel pants at 3200 RPM
  5. mhflyit

    Purchase Question

    Sorry - its 51% not 50%!
  6. mhflyit

    N685L for sale

    Thanks smt! N685L has the raised turtle-deck and at 6'4" it fits me like a 'tight glove'. The Sonerai is a 'pilots plane' that's quite simple to work on. You fit the profile - some hours in a Citabria or Cub and you'd be at home in the Sonerai. Just need to figure out how to raise your...
  7. mhflyit

    N685L for sale

    Safety related - a buyer planned to fly the plane to California without TW experience, a plan of any kind or survival gear. Unrealistic expectations from a 200 mile range, 130mph airplane if you don't have experience, time and common sense.
  8. mhflyit

    Purchase Question

    James, For a project (so an plane that hasn't had an airworthiness certificate before) you'll need to prove the aircraft has been built 50% by the builder when complete - build logs/pictures. If its in the early stages of the build then your logs and pictures should be suitable to register and...
  9. mhflyit

    N685L for sale

    Hi Liviu, Yes, still available and located at F45 (North County Airport) in Palm Beach County, FL. Matt
  10. mhflyit

    New Sonerai Builder

    Congratulations Mitch - the first step is the toughest! You're now on your way and look to be well along by the pictures.
  11. mhflyit

    SoneraiWorks Announcement

    Good job Fred and thank you for all that you do for this group!
  12. mhflyit

    Dave Wilcox's N136DE has a new home

    Chucker - funny you mention feeling every pebble - its like the wheel's attached to your backside! Yes, that's normal!
  13. mhflyit

    Dave Wilcox's N136DE has a new home

    Chucker - what was your OAT? CHT's for running on the ground for 25 mins are OK - where are you measuring CHT...head nut of spark plug? OIl - mine doesn't get above 190. I block the oil 'smile' air intake too. It'll run cooler when flying - 210 on the ground after 25 mins is fine. For first...
  14. mhflyit

    N685L for sale

    Sorry - try matthew hurley sonerai
  15. mhflyit

    N685L for sale

    N685L Sonerai II remains for sale! I haven't been flying since the last deal fell through due to business commitments. Not re-posted on Barnstormers yet. My plan was to build a plane for less than $20k and test fly it. It's a ~4gph, 130+ mph (without wheel pants), 800ftmin+ climb, beautifully...
  16. mhflyit

    Fabric top coat paint

    I used the Stewart System and found it to be very good. Covering was fun, painting...not so much!
  17. mhflyit

    Pre-Cut fuse kits

    This could make the difference for some builders to start the project and might help others to get going and finish. Its good to see this as an option
  18. mhflyit

    New guy interested in building

    Welcome! Kennyw summed it up well! Read the plans, newsletters (on CD I assume), choose the engine and talk with the people at those companies. Search this site top to bottom including the gallery - you'll find lots of answers.
  19. mhflyit

    Aluminum alloy for mains

    I have an extra S2 5/8 gear. If interested send me a PM.
  20. mhflyit

    Electric start starter problems or issues?

    Has worked great starting for ~50hrs! catches quickly with first an Aervoltz battery and now an Odyssey.
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