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    GPASC Sonerai Aircraft Promo Video

    Hi, I am Harry McKay down in Tampa. I have a 2L with a 2180. A belt driven alternator was installed after the rear mounted alternator failed. I have Victor Giles a/c finished in 1984. He flew it 5,719 times all logged until his health deteriorated. I am the 4th owner. A fellow Sonerai...
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    GPASC Sonerai Aircraft Promo Video

    Hi Fred, I'm Harry down in Tampa with the 2L. I bought the video recently and love it. I wish I could fold my wings as easy as they did. ?? Question: Victor Giles installed a belt driven alternator(he evidently had some trouble with the rear mounted one). He had to modify the lower cowl...
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    Sonerai 2L N747VG For Sale in Tampa

    Sonerai 2L for sale N747VG Finished by Victor Giles in 5/84. He flew this plane 5,719 times before health issues overcame him. All those flights were logged and I have all the log books. This is probably the highest time Sonerai out there. It has the thicker gear. Has wheel pants(not...
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    Comment by 'freeinhim' in media 'IMG_0391.JPG'

    I read the analysis. Sorry it happened! thank goodness you ok!
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    Dave Wilcox's N136DE has a new home

    Hi Chucker, this is Harry from Tampa Bay. I am fascinated by your wing hold mechanism. I have a S2L N747VG and the wings are difficult to fold and pin. Can I get more pictures and dimensions of how its done? The wing frame looks as if it is using the pin thru the fuselage to hold it up. Is...
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    Engine Failure

    Hi Lee, sorry about the engine failure. Years ago(literally) I had a VW and had a valve drop. Fortunately I was on the ground. I have a 2L built by Victor Giles from 7/79 to 5/84 (N747VG). His last flight was 2/08 due to health and passed away. The Sonerai has gone thru a couple of hands I...
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    Sonerai 2 for sale in NC

    What is the type of carb? Is it electric start? Does it have electronic ignition and Mag? From Harry (freeinhim)
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    Purchase Question

    I have a Sonerai IIL for sale. I am Harry McKay and my user name is: freeinhim. You should be able to see some pics of my plane in albums(N747VG). I flew it twice (short hops) because the cooling was not right (cylinder head temp was way too high). The a/c was flown by the original...
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    N994SP Gets High!

    WOW! Beautiful picture! I am in Tampa with a Sonerai 2L that needs some work to be flyable. I want to do that. No mountains in Florida. Bummer
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    Hi Sonerainut, this is Harry (freeinhim) out of Tampa. I have N747VG the red and white IIL with...

    Hi Sonerainut, this is Harry (freeinhim) out of Tampa. I have N747VG the red and white IIL with the warp drive prop (some pics are in the gallery) Give me a call. 813-610-8226
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    Comment by 'freeinhim' in media 'IMG_0391.JPG'

    What happened? I can I prevent this? I have a Sonerai IIL N747VG with a 2180GP Out of Tampa. Harry 813-610-8226
  12. Ground adjustable prop, Warp Drive prop.jpg

    Ground adjustable prop, Warp Drive prop.jpg

    Ground adjustable Warp Drive. Victor liked this prop. Installed it in 1993. Flight #1,414 Log says he got 3,000 Static RPM I have installed a prop [wood] given to me by AL {has a Sonerai mid wing based at South Lakeland airport grass strip)
  13. Sonerai LFQ.jpg

    Sonerai LFQ.jpg

  14. Sonerai Transponder.jpg

    Sonerai Transponder.jpg

  15. Sonerai Air Filter Close.jpg

    Sonerai Air Filter Close.jpg

    Previous owner cut out cowl to install a Zenith Carb. Sold to me this way as a flyable a/c. I wasn't knowledgeable enough to catch it. I flew it like this, MY BAD! 2 VERY Short flights. Cyl Temp way too high (500)and burnt the heads up. I believe they were damaged before I purchased.
  16. Sonerai Carb Choke Side[000645].jpg

    Sonerai Carb Choke Side[000645].jpg

    Choke is backwards. Pull out and choke is off, push in and choke is on. I gotta change that.
  17. N747VG


    Sonerai 2L Harry McKay Tampa
  18. Sonerai Throttle cable.jpg

    Sonerai Throttle cable.jpg

    Throttle cable loops around. I would like to change that.
  19. N747VG


    Sonerai Side View Wings On.jpg Built by Victor Giles first flown 10/25/84 and flew it 5,719 times all logged. His last flight 2/20/08
  20. Sonerai On Trailer RFQ Full.jpg

    Sonerai On Trailer RFQ Full.jpg

    Has it's own trailer. I am modifying it for easier on and off loading.
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