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  1. eschrom

    Can't View this Site

    Hi Everyone, will not load on my new Chromebook. Instead I see the message, "This site can't be reached." Does anyone else have that problem or know what to do about it? I've already tried refreshing the page and running the connectivity diagnostics. Thx, Ed
  2. eschrom

    ACS Ignition Harness

    Does anyone have any experience with this product? Is it any quieter on the radio than the Slick harness? Thx, Ed
  3. eschrom

    Erratic TinyTach

    Lately the TinyTach display has been drifting erratically while the engine is idling but then latches onto the speed when I advance the throttle. Does anyone have an idea why? Ed
  4. eschrom

    Performance Measurements

    I've been curious about Vy because I've never really checked it so today after eating lunch at a nice little airport with a paved runway 65 s.m. away I made several takeoffs and climbs to 1000' AGL. This isn't the way to measure ROC per se but it's a valid comparison. The method: -Taxi to...
  5. eschrom

    The Hot Oil Blues

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for advice from anyone running full flow with the cooler under the engine and getting good results. Can you describe your setup? Mine is less than marginal. The idea is very simple: the cooler is in a shroud that ducts air from the smile, through the cooler and then...
  6. eschrom

    Oahu's X-ponder

    Outstanding DIY work you're doing there, Oahu. Best of success to you. Any chance you'd be willing to write up an instructable? After you work the kinks out, of course. ;D
  7. eschrom

    FS: Aluminum Sheet

    For sale: one 2024-T3 AlClad sheet, 0.025" x 4' x 9', long enough to make a wing skin. Special price for members is $50, which is about half of what I paid for it. The buyer will have to pay the actual shipping cost. The package will measure about 16 inches square by four feet long and...
  8. eschrom

    Sonerai Sighting in Maryland

    The two amigos visited the Massey Air Museum in their Sonerais today in uncommonly nice weather for December. One was spotted next to his steed, regaling listeners old and young with stories from the flight. The other was off somewhere calculating his stats for the...
  9. eschrom

    Magneto Shielding

    Hi Gang, Can someone tell me the right way to shield magneto wires? I'm trying to eliminate radio static and I know the mag is the problem because the static disappears when I shut it off. Thx, Ed
  10. eschrom

    Bent Bolts

    These are the 5/16" bolts that hold the gear to the fuselage - all four are bent to some degree. This after 140 hours and, truth be told, one or two hard landings. If I had it to do over I'd use the strap method instead of through bolts. Either that or make only smooth landings. :D Ed 2LS
  11. eschrom

    Bill, How Does it Fly?

    Bill Evans, I saw your post about stall speed with the J-3300. How was the first flight? It must have a fantastic climb rate. Ed
  12. eschrom

    Ed Sterba

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Ed Sterba? Emails and phone messages have been unanswered. Thx, Ed
  13. eschrom

    Running Clearance of LHSIS

    I'm finding that the clearance (i.e., pinion end play) of my low height secondary is only 0.008 inches without shim washers, whereas the Great Plains manual says add shim washers until it's 0.016 - 0.020". Adding washers reduces the clearance, however. The obvious solution is to shim between the...
  14. eschrom

    Leaky Intake Valves

    Last year when I purchased new heads for my recently acquired 2276 I noticed that both intake valves were leaky on one of them. Being hot to fly at the time I let it go and installed them but now that the heads are off for another reason I decided to fix them. So yesterday I lapped and I lapped...
  15. eschrom

    How Much Lapping?

    Question for Fred or anyone else who uses air pressure to check valve lapping... I hear only a whisper but can make high pitched fart noises with the heel of my hand over the exhaust port. Is that lapped enough? More doesn't seem to improve it. Thx, Ed
  16. eschrom

    Remove the Front Spring?

    I’m hoping a few VW experts out there can offer an opinion… The valve at the pump end of the case directs oil either to the cooler or around it. Cold, thick oil means high pressure, causing the valve to open and oil to flow directly to the gallery. But after the oil is hot the pressure drops...
  17. eschrom

    Mine Are Loose Too

    After reading about Boeingpilot's loose cylinder head studs I thought I should check mine, which have less than ten hours on them since installation. Sure enough, the two rearmost ones on the LH side were loose. Not finger loose but they budged when I applied torque. Hmmm... something else to...
  18. eschrom

    Has Something Changed at the Web Site?

    In the past couple of days connecting to has taken much longer than normal. Has anyone else noticed? Ed
  19. eschrom

    Force One Bearing

    Do you see how the axial oil channels in this Force One bearing go all the way to the end of the part? That doesn't seem right to me. The channels should terminate in order to deny the oil a shortcut out of the bearing. Does anyone else happen to have one available for inspection? Is it the...
  20. eschrom

    Removing a Force One Prop Hub

    Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? I'm using a puller while simultaneously warming the hub with a torch but it won't budge. Thanks, Ed GP 2180
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