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  1. sonerainut

    Engine Failure

    Hello All, It has been a long time since I have posted on the site. I have been checking in from time to time, it appears there are many new builders and the Sonerai series still is a lot of bang for the buck! Speaking of bangs... Recently, after an excellent local flight I had...
  2. sonerainut

    Type I Flywheel End Play

    Hello All, Greetings from Ohio! I have been working on my yearly condition inspection (yeah, I'm a little late) and have noticed I can grab the propeller and move the entire crankshaft fore and aft a decent amount, probably about 0.025". I have a Great Plains Type I 2180 with a force one...
  3. sonerainut

    plug fouling

    Hello All! I just finished a series of flights with increasing ballast to work up to gross weight. It'll do it but it is not as nimble when solo... Anyway my last flight was cut short with a rather rough running engine - I made way back to the airport right away. So I'm at full gross, I...
  4. sonerainut

    Oil Pressure

    Hello all! The weather has improved and flying season has begun! I have a general question regarding oil pressure. I'm in the green around 40 PSI (or just shy of that) at cruise, but when at idle it is really low. The oil pressure gauge I use is pretty coarse, but I guess it at idle the...
  5. sonerainut

    VW Cylinder Head Torque

    All, A friend I work with deals with the NTSB abd the FAA related to aircraft accidents. He sent me this .pdf of an FAA SAIB related to an unfortunate Q-2 accident. The VW engine apparently had one very lose cylinder head. The resulting hot exhaust gasses actually melted the head in several...
  6. sonerainut

    My flippin' arm is falling off!

    All, I have a IILS with a Great Plains 2180 engine with a zenith carb. Unfortunately no starter! I have missed several great flying days because I can't get the darn thing to start! I have been sucessful at times and other times I have flipped till my arm was ready to fall off. I have...
  7. sonerainut

    Azusa Wheel/Tire Combo

    All, I know there was a previous post about "landing on grass" where a number provided info about their tire sizes etc - I have a related question, here is some background. I have a IILS equipped with the stock AZUSA 5" wheel and drum brakes and am using the Cheng Shin/Lamb 11.4-5 tire...
  8. sonerainut

    Larger Oil Cooler?

    Greetings All! I am new to the website and this online forum, so If I am going about this the wrong way please let me know. I have a IILS with a stock Great Plains 2180 cc engine and have been fighting high oil temps since my first flight, CHT's are OK. I basically have to...
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