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    Yamaha apex

    Apex uses a reduction unit so it likely has 2 bearings on the prop shaft. Unless you want to turn the prop 8-9000 rpm
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    Sonerai 2 parts or project plane.

    Where is it? Pictures? An idea of what your looking to get out of it?
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    How do I identify a sonerai airframe?

    I'd say Sonerai I with super vee cowl.
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    Getting my S-IIL flying again.

    I've been working as much as I can on getting my Sonerai back in the air. Today I got to the point of running the engine. Some tuning to do for the new carburetor as it leans out with throttle. Nice to hear it run again though.
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    Getting my S-IIL flying again.

    So I've got it in the barn, parts ordered and have started working on getting my Sonerai IIL, N109JB, back in the air. She first flew in 1992 and I flew it pretty often for several years. Then kids, career, moving here, moving there, etc. I did get it flying again in 2002 but there were a lot...
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    Adequate Cooling

    I tried a few different box designs, with and without little tubes going elsewhere with flat back walls, curved back walls, etc. I finally wound up with baffles reminiscent of most of the lycoming or continental baffles we all see. Simply flat aluminum slabs that tuck into the stock VW lower...
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    Covered over rivets

    I filled mine on the top surface. Wouldn't do it again, but when i repainted my wings I started to remove the filler and it was going to be a royal pita to remove it all so i left it.
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    3/4 main gear?

    My point is to measure it and if the dimensions are close enough to what they have for the Sonerai you will know if you can use it. Who cares what is stamped in the side.
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    3/4 main gear?

    It shows the CURRENT Sonerai gear you can buy right now and the dimensions. The Sonerai II gear listed is 3/4" thick and 5" wide. Other dimensions are listed as well.
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    3/4 main gear?

    Just use their current website and the dimensions there:
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    Stringers attacment

    Brazing will be fine for that. You could epoxy some on for that matter. I'd just weld regardless of the oil coating inside. I had linseed oil in mine and did lots of welding when I did mods years after the initial build.
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    obien kr axles

    I think it would be a bad idea to cut the gear legs. There is no returning from that. You should be able to make or have axles made that will bolt right up to the existing gear leg. That is how I would do it.
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    New Material list

    When I built mine B&F Aircraft was still in business and only about 25 miles from me. Sure was nice getting a "what do I need this week" list together and spending $100 at a time to build an airplane. Wish they were still around.
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    I've done about 35 miles on its own gear and many shorter trips than that. Only had 3 times it needed to go farther. The first was about 250 miles because I completed it in Michigan but had moved to Illinois for its first flight. The other times were when it went from Illinois to Fort Worth, TX...
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    Fabric riveted?

    Drilling into the ribs for rivets instead of stitching is fine. As long as they didn't drill into the tubes which they shouldn't have to. Very common.
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    Sonerai 2 spinner

    It appears to me that for some reason someone has machined the centering pilot off.
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    ADS-B Out

    A Stratux only gives you ADS-B IN. It doesn't give you ADS-B OUT. With only a Stratux you will be able to see other traffic and get weather on a tablet or something running appropriate software, but other airplanes won't be able to see you. It also won't satisfy the ADS-B OUT requirements...
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    ADS-B Out

    Note that these are only 978 UAT so are good only in theUSA. Right now Mexico and Canada don't require ADS B, but if they ever do they may require 1090es. A solution that includes both is a better bet if you ever play to got outside of the USA with your airplane
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    ADS-B Out

    Either one of the Uavionix products if you have lights, If you don't have nav lights then a garmin GDL82 kit, or a new transponder. The GDL 82 plugs in between your existing transponder and your existing transponder antenna. The only other component of it is the GPS puck receiver. You can find...