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  1. Soneraifred

    GPASC Sonerai Aircraft Promo Video

    This is for all of you guys who still have VHS video players. When I bought the Sonerai business from Steve and Linda Bennett back in 2014, I got a box with 11 copies of the Great Plains Aircraft Supply “Sonerai Aircraft” promo video. The video is 13-1/2 minutes long, and has some film of the...
  2. Soneraifred

    SoneraiWorks Announcement

    Hello everyone. Effective today, December 20, SoneraiWorks LLC is closed for business. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been talking with John Monnett about the future of the Sonerai family of airplanes, and he has decided to take them back and incorporate them into the Sonex Ltd business...
  3. Soneraifred

    Oshkosh 2019

    I have to admit that i’m a little surprised with the lack of Oshkosh chatter this year. So, I’ll start some. I’m planning to be there most of the week. I think I’ll fly the Sonerai up next Wednesday or Thursday, then bring my “new” camper (it’s a 1997 Dutchman 801D pop-up) up on Friday or...
  4. Soneraifred

    The Wag-A-Bond Flies!

    OK, I know it's not a Sonerai, but I flew my Wag-A-Bond for the first time yesterday, and it flew great! I started it in 1998 when I got conned into helping built a Wag-A-Bond fuselage fixture for Wag-Aero. I sold the project in 2013, and bought it back in 2017, and then finished it. It is...
  5. Soneraifred

    1600 Hours!

    The Hobbs meter on my Sonerai IIL rolled thru 1600 hours today. That's 1600 hours in a little more than 32 years...50 hours a year.
  6. Soneraifred

    Prefab Wing Components Supplier Needed

    Hi Everyone: I have decided to no longer supply the prefabricated wing spar channels and aileron skins. I sell so few of them that it is very difficult to find a fabricator that can supply the small quantities that I need for a reasonable price. With all of that in mind, I would like to find...
  7. Soneraifred

    For Sale: Whelen Strobe Parts

    These are older Whelen lights with incandescent bulbs. They were used in a display at Wag-Aero, and were never installed in an airplane. 1. Power pack, A413AHDA-CF-14/28. This is a 4-strobe unit. $100.00 2. Power pack, A490ATSCF. This a single strobe unit. $75.00 3. Plain red (LH) Wing tip...
  8. Soneraifred

    For Sale: Cleveland 5:00 x 5 Wheels and Brakes

    Used Cleveland 5:00 x 5 wheels and brakes. I bought them several years ago to install on my Sonerai but decided to keep the wheels and axles that I had, and install different brakes. I’m asking $250.00,and i’ll pay the freight in the USA.
  9. Soneraifred

    VW Aircraft Engines Business For Sale

    Just in case anyone out there might be considering getting involved in an experimental aircraft business, it appears that Great Plains Aviation Supply is available. Go to under Business Opportunities/Business for Sale, and look for the ad by Don Grow in Afton, OK.
  10. Soneraifred

    Oshkosh 2018

    Hi there, everyone. In case you haven’t noticed, Oshkosh 2018 starts four weeks from today! As usual, i’m planning to be there most of the week with my airplane. I will probably fly it up on Wednesday or Thursday before it all starts, then bring my camping gear up on Friday or Saturday. The...
  11. Soneraifred

    SoneraiWork Haitis

    All: I just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be doing any business with SoneraiWorks LLC for the next two to three weeks. My bride of 45+ years died yesterday, and that will be my focus during this time. Thanks for your understanding.
  12. Soneraifred

    For Sale: Sonerai IIL/IILT Project

    Anyone looking for a really good deal on a Sonerai IIL or IILT project, check out under “experimental/Homebuilt” or search Sonerii (that’s the spelling in the ad). This project is nearly complete, including the fuselage, wings, landing gear, cowling, canopy, but no engine or...
  13. Soneraifred

    Oshkosh 2017

    Hi Guys: Oshkosh 2017 is only 48 days away, and no one is talking about it yet. So, I'll get the ball rolling. As usual, I'm planning to be there all week. I'll have N99FK there, hopefully on the flight line in front of the Homebuilder's HQ in the Auto Engines row. I'll be camping somewhere...
  14. Soneraifred

    New Strobes

    I built my Sonerai IIL a long time ago as a day VFR machine, which means no lights. After flying for a few years, I decided it might be kinda nice to have some anti-collision "strobes" to make the airplane more visible on those cloudy, hazy, schmutzy days. So, I found some neat military...
  15. Soneraifred

    For Sale - Sonerai II

    I got a call from Tom Hall in Springfield, MO a couple weeks ago. He would like to sell his Sonerai II. It is currently configured as a single place. The airplane was originally built in the mid 1970's. It has a 1700cc VW with a 32mm carb. The original cowling and canopy are available...
  16. Soneraifred

    For Sale - Sonerai II Fuselage Parts

    I acquired these parts about a year ago and have no need for them. You can have them for $20.00, including the shipping. Email me at, or phone me at 414-581-1442.
  17. Soneraifred

    Spinner Failure

    Look at what I found today! I was planning to meet with some friends at an airport about 100 miles away for brunch, and found the spinner cracked thru one of the screw holes next to one of the prop cutouts. There was also a crack in the cutout near the leading edge of the prop in the same...
  18. Soneraifred

    For Sale - Sonerai IIL Project

    I got the following email from Byron Poppenhagen a while ago. This looks like a great project for someone to finish. "Dear Fred: I have a problem I hope you can help me with. A member of our EAA chapter (380 in Grand Forks ND) recently passed away and left the entire contents of his workshop...
  19. Soneraifred


    I've had a few questions related to Sonerai canopy availability since the death of the owner of Todd's Canopies several weeks ago. From what I understand, the continued existence of the company is in question, so we'll have to wait and see. As an alternative, Airplane Plastics in Tipp City, OH...
  20. Soneraifred

    30 Years!

    Today I celebrated the 30th anniversary of the first flight of my Sonerai IIL, N99FK. I flew her from my home base of Burlington, WI (KBUU) to Kenosha, WI (KENW) where the first flight took place late in the afternoon of Sunday, June 8, 1986. The weather was beautiful, and the flight was...