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  1. Mytonic

    First Flight Sonerai 2LS

    I flew my Sonerai 2LS for its first flight after the FAA determined it was airworthy, they were right. The controls were very responsive as expected just think about moving them and the plane responds. Flew around getting a feel for the coordination in turns and slow flight, slowed down to 60 in...
  2. Mytonic


    I am currently working on my weight and balance. My Sonerai 2LS loaded for initial flight would have a CG of 9.34 without ballast. Any experienced Sonerai owners have an opinion on a preferred CG for best aircraft handling?
  3. Mytonic

    Poly fiber

    Looking for a Poly Fiber material list for a 2LS. Currently traveling across country and don't have my plans with me. I would like to order to pick up at oshkosh. Thanks, safe flying
  4. Mytonic

    gpas secondary ign

    I am installing a GPAS low profile secondary ign. that mounts in the distributor hole. The instructions say to drill and tap 2 set screw holes in the engine case, one at the O-ring position and the other 90 degrees from that. Seems odd to me to run a set screw into a O-ring and 90 degrees from...
  5. Mytonic

    wheels,tires,fairings,front fork for sale

    2-5'' wheel w/roller bearings ,3.4-3.00-5 tire & tube $80 pair 5'' 3.4-3.00-5 nose wheel/tire & tube, roller bearings, axle & bolt. $50 plastic wheel pants for 3.4-3.00-5 tires $75 pair nose wheel fork with washers,bearing,doughnuts & bushings. $100 wheel sold separate all...
  6. Mytonic

    emergency locator transmitter

    Does anyone know the requirements for an ELT on a new 2LS. If I read the most current FAA rules, a 406-MHz is required? Also a remote switch?
  7. Mytonic

    nikasil cylinders

    Merry x-mas all, I'm looking for feed back on nikasil cylinders. I would like to hear from anybody who has been following nikasil cylinders around the sky for a few years, how are they holding up and what brand are they. Chucker, what brand are you purchasing? Thanks
  8. Mytonic

    Secondary spark plug holes

    Does anybody have any angle numbers for drilling the heads for secondary spark plug holes, currently have the heads mounted to a sign plate on a Bridgeport trying to figure out the angles
  9. Mytonic


    New to the net. I built a sonerai 2 LT 30yrs ago, sold it a long time ago. I came across a local sonerai project that has been sitting for 25 years and bought it. Retiring soon and need a project. Now I need to refresh my memory and educate myself on whats new and improved. looking to get 353...