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  1. ChuckerF14

    Engine out data points

    Been dying to ask these questions since the beginning.... Does anyone have data points for an engine failure? The questions I have are: 1. At what speed will the prop stop turning? 2. At what speed will the prop start turning again? 3. How much altitude does it take to get from one to the...
  2. ChuckerF14

    Turtledeck Height

    When I sit up tall I bump my head.... so I don't sit up tall.
  3. ChuckerF14

    First Flight Since Rebuild

    A static pull thrust would remove all doubt. However, if the prop is truly turning 3100rpm, the only thing that could limit the thrust would be a poorly shaped/pitched prop.
  4. ChuckerF14

    First Flight Since Rebuild

    It looks like a simple fix. Worst case, fuel is trapped in vent line due to ram air pressure. In that scenario you would still have atmospheric pressure through your PCV.
  5. ChuckerF14

    First Flight Since Rebuild

    Dave mounted a chamber on the aft side of the firewall at its highest point. The fuel tank vent line runs to the top of that chamber. The exterior (ram air) vent line also runs to the top of that chamber. The bottom of the chamber has a drain line which exits the aircraft just behind the ram...
  6. ChuckerF14

    First Flight Since Rebuild

    Fuel syphoning in the vent system with an over-full tank is a known issue with the Sonerai aircraft. If fuel enters the vent line once the cap is installed (typically during takeoff acceleration) and is not allowed to flow back into the tank it can become trapped in the vent line. Suction in...
  7. ChuckerF14

    RevMaster 2100D Serial Numbers and Oil Coolers

    I see that your project is for sale. Did you resolve your oil cooler issue?
  8. ChuckerF14

    Aeroinjector Issue

    I have the same issue with my Revflow. It likes to start when it is cold, but not when it is hot. It tends to start momentarily then dies before I can get the fuel valve back open. If I try to prime it with more fuel it tends to flood the manifold. The good news about flooding it is that it...
  9. ChuckerF14

    Adequate Cooling

    Smokey, In your experience, did the VG strips extract more air than adding a lip or ramp? V/R, Chucker
  10. ChuckerF14

    Anyone own a Sonex?

    For those that may not recognize it, the Sonerai Dave (XSonerai) speaks of is N136DE. He built a wonderful bird and flew it all over the country. Many received their first Sonerai flight in Dave's machine. I'm doing my best to take care of his creation and help the legacy continue. The...
  11. ChuckerF14

    Aeroshell 15-50?

    I have changed my mind about synthetic oil in my engine. I burn 100 LL. Aviation oils are not full-synthetic because that oil will not keep the lead byproducts in suspension. The result is unwanted coatings on your pistons in the area of the ring lands and loss of compression. This probably...
  12. ChuckerF14

    Dave Wilcox's N136DE has a new home

    Harry, Before you start cutting wood, I should tell you that I plan to make some modifications. My goals are to remove the wear point on the turtledeck and make the rack lighter and easier to store. I'll post pictures when I am done. All the best, Chucker
  13. ChuckerF14

    Landing Gear, Wheels, and Brakes Selection

    Call Fred,
  14. ChuckerF14

    Engine Weight: VW versus Jabiru

    That explains it. I heard from a Jabiru owner that they were not aluminum. After your post I did a search and confirmed what you said. I still wonder how they make up for the heavier case material.
  15. ChuckerF14

    Engine Weight: VW versus Jabiru

    Maybe I'm mistaken about the details....but the aluminum case is definitely heavier. I've never had the chance to weigh one. I just don't get why the Jabiru is so much lighter when the design and materials are so similar and they pay a penalty for an aluminum case.
  16. ChuckerF14

    Engine Weight: VW versus Jabiru

    We all know that the aluminum VW engine case is about 24 pounds heavier than the magnesium case. The Jabiru uses the heavier aluminum. They both use iron barrels and aluminum heads. So why is a full-up Jabiru engine 25 pounds lighter than a similarly equipped VW? Where do they save 25 pounds...
  17. ChuckerF14

    Dave Wilcox's N136DE has a new home

    Yes. This is the way I fly it. No ducting to the cylinders and no ducting over the bottom of the sump. I plan to add the later. The entire cowl is my high pressure plenum. The air only has two options to escape...through the oil cooler or through the cylinder shrouds. Okay. Third...
  18. ChuckerF14

    Monnett Electro-X Accessory Mount For Sale

    Comes with Electro-X mount, good rubber bushings, stator, rotor, and regulator. Make offer.
  19. ChuckerF14

    Revmaster Intake Manifold For Sale

    Make offer on all three pieces. The only modification has been the removal of a flat piece of sheet steel that was welded to the bottom "U" portion of the manifold. Otherwise, it is the stock component from a 2100-D.