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Feb 20, 2011
FOR SALE 1.5 hr SCMOH Volkswagon engine conversion for the Sonex. This engine was completely rebuilt by a very good Volkswagon overhaul shop just 1.5 running hours ago. It was in the Sonex that I purchased, was removed because I am working on a new engine for installation in the Sonex. It did have a very minor idle-power prop strike on the first attempted test flight, one blade of the very thin wood prop broken. I still have the prop if you would like pictures of it. The prop basically was "bumped" on only the one blade. There is no engine damage that I can see, and it comes with all the new upgrade accessories, complete well-done baffling, and motor mount for the tri-gear Sonex. This is about an $8,000 engine. I will take $4,000 for it. Can ship anywhere in the USA, for shipping costs. Free pickup if you wish that.
Group builder