2 Sonerai ii stretch projects for sale

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Dec 19, 2018
Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Hello Im updating my previous ad I placed earlier on the site, was trying to edit and was not sure how to do it so I thought I would just update it in another listing. I have 2 soneria ii stretch planes for sale, One is a tri gear and fuselage is primed and painted, I have most everything to finsh the plane. The wings have not been built yet, but have everything to finsh them, spars, ribs, b mod update, sheet metal, alerions, and wings caps and former for the leading edge. Also have cowling, fuel tank, and waiting on canopy to arrive. Comes with a rebuilt hapi 1835 vw engine, single ignition and starter and alternator. Have 2 full set of plans for both airplanes. The second airplane fuslage has been started and is a tail dragger and needs turtle deck and vertical and horizontal stablizer finshed. Left height on vertical stabilizer in case you wanted to add the additional height if you chose to want to add it. It is on gear and has tail wheel. My phone number is 717 939-2710 if you have any questions or would like me to text you pictures and my email is aserpe@aol.com and can send them that way also. I have alot wrapped up and I'm asking 7000.00 to include both planes, also I'd like to sell them together, I figured if someone is interested they can finsh one and sell the other or may have a friend that you may be interested in building them together. I purchased another aircraft and don't have the room for eveything. Big head start on the tri gear sonerai, build your wings and cover and your almost there.



Jul 28, 2019
Good morning! Just wondering if you are interested/willing in parting out any of what you have. If so, could we PM about that? And I will certainly understand if you don't want to do that at all or not yet. Cheers!

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