Actual Stall speeds, gross weights, angle of attack - Solidworks Flow Simulation

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Mar 30, 2013
I've been monitoring this group for a few years now but never really had time to contribute or ask questions. Job change and a move since I got my Sonerai forced me to put off. I'm posting on the I and II boards as this may benefit both models.

Not sure if many of you know but the EAA is now offering the newest version of Solidworks CAD software free with the membership. Being that I have hundreds of hours in an older version, I downloaded and am playing with the Sonerai airfoil for possible improvements. If anyone can post actual stall speeds along with your approximate gross weight (and approximate angle of attack whether from indicator or guestimate), it would help to sync the software up with actual numbers so I have a baseline when trying things out. I have VG's modeled on the wing now in SW but also am curious what the software will say when adding flaps (whether simple or slotted) on the trailing edge and going way out there with a drooping leading edge or possible movable slat. Not that any of this is doable due to added weight for these little airplanes but just to gain experience with the Flow Sim part of SW is all I'm after. And I happen to have a I in my trailer with wings that have slight corrosion that can be used to mock up some ideas.

Some of you may know this airplane from the early 90s racing days but back in 2015 I bought it from the original owner David Myers. He sold it to someone on the east coast after racing a few times in the early 90s but turned out it was kept tucked away in storage for many years and he was able to buy back. Since then, I pulled the engine and removed the fabric to inspect everything and started preparing to make mods so I can fit. David was barely 5' tall and I'm pushing 6'. Since there were no inspection holes in the wings, I drilled some of the wings skin rivets to get an idea of condition on the inside and found some corrosion on one of the rear spars. I built a floor to ceiling fixture and drilled one side of the wing all the way out. As mentioned earlier, job change and a move put a stop to the project but its tucked away neatly in my enclosed trailer itchin to be worked on. Supposedly these wings are modded for higher loading but you guys will have to confirm that. I know it has the stainless reinforcements at the rib to spar junctions and the angle on the spar is bolted with aircraft bolts all the way down. I only have II plans so don't know what the I is supposed to have wing wise.

Any info is appreciated and look forward to talking with all!