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Jan 12, 2009
I've not been active on this forum since I'd sold my Sonerai 2-L project to another member in August 2009; just over 10 years ago. The reason that I'm posting now is because of all the recent E-Mails I've received due to the forum's recent software change. I began to wonder about what progress (if any) that member made toward finishing my old project. The member's "forum handle" was Pancho, and he was out of Idaho. According to his member profile, he's not been active since 2012. I was hoping someone who may know him personally, or may have better knowledge of his progress could shed a bit of light on this without divulging any private information. I'll "bookmark" this sub-forum, checking it for replies from time to time.

I was also curious about how Fred Keip is getting along. Back in the "olden days" before computers became so common, and the Sonerai Newsletter was still active; he and I talked on the phone when I needed building advice on my project. From what I gather on the forum, I'm glad to see that he's doing OK, and is still active. ............James (Houston, Texas).
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