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Airplane For Sale N201DT Sonerai 2L

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J. Metcalfe

Active Member
Apr 12, 2021
Aircraft is out of condition inspection.

I am selling because I am a student, and do not have the time or resources to get it back in the air right now and would hate to see it sit any longer. Engine seems to run well.

Remaining issues *that I am aware of*:

• wiring needs to be finished for lights

• wing spar pins need to be made and holes need to be reamed to fit. Local shops/A&Ps will not sign off on me reaming holes up and using close tolerance AN bolts. Taper pins called for in the plans do not fit because someone before my ownership oversized the holes.

It comes with the upper front cowling, which fits but needs paint. It also comes with a GTX327 transponder and new tail beacon that I had planned to install, but never got to it.

Asking :$7,000 for all

Located in Middle Georgia area, USA


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