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Jun 9, 2018
Central illinois
I recently traded an a65 engine core for this aircraft. It appears to have been a normal s2ls before someone chopped the front of the plane off to install a continental a65. I intend to return it to vw power and restore the front cockpit area back to stock.

does anyone have any info on the history of this aircraft? Looks to have been completed by ron triano in 2006ish and changed hands several times since then. Its a project, for sure. Will have to recover the fuselage and de-skin the wing to remove a tie-down eyelet set that is installed, and also find out if the wing fold tube is present in the outboard area. The wing was built with reinforcements and i can only assume it is an actual S wing. Sadly it was built with wing bolts and not taper pins so i might be out of luck if i wish to use taper pins. bolts vs taper pins may make it more difficult to have an easily folded wing.
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