Plans wanted.

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May 22, 2020
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil
Seriously, I would settle to buying plans for just the Stretch with tricicle landing gear.
No, I'm not from Russia, I'm from Brazil.
São Paulo, a big and overcrowded city just north of the Capricorn Circle, 750m above Sea Level, tricky, rainy climate and far from any friendly, general aviation airfield.
In 2007, having just soloed in a Quicksilver GT in Tatuí, one hundred or so miles from home and strong winds with gusts started to blow, so I was grounded for at least 8 months. It was good while it lasted!
Plans can fit in my purse, i don't have a garage and it's not easy to find a convenient place to build any plane living in an overcrowded big city, but I like to fly!