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Airplane For Sale Sonerai II LS/Jabiru 3300 - For sale

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Oct 17, 2007
I have about 100 hours flown in my S II. The Jabiru 6 cylinder engine has about 70 hours since new. It seats 2 Pilots 6' 5" tall and over 225 lbs. Fin and rudder raised to compensate for longer engine cowling. Both Elevator trim and electric Horizontal Stabilizer trim functional.
Owner turned 75 in May. Age is making me consider something easier to exit. Sonerai II LS low wing, stretched fuselage, Jabiru 3300 6 cylinder engine with 70 hours since new. New fabric/silver paint in 2022. New landing gear in 2022. The engine produces 127 hp at 3300 rpm and 200 mph. At 70 mph it climbs at 1800 +fpm. I’m operating it out of a 2200’ turf runway. It takes off in 800’ . This is flown with 2 fingers and 2 toes. Full span ailerons. It’s built as a racer and aerobat. Jabiru Engine is 10:1 compression. New battery, new starter. It accommodates 2 six foot 6 and 200 lbs pilots in tandem. Fuel burn is 21 L/hr. Main and Aux tank 50 liters. I’ve got $34,000 CDN invested. I need $16000 US or $22,000 CDN at sale or I’ll fly it myself. Note: This is not for beginners. You need to be able to fly well. I will demonstrate the aircraft in flight to a new owner and show you how to takeoff & land.


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