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I’d like to trade my 1974 150 Lyc Duce for flying Sonerai 2 of approx equal value. I need a smaller plane than the Duce so I can fit my Tailwind and (hopefully) Sonerai 2 in one hangar, and I’m tired of open cockpit flying. greatbigdog@me.com for pics and stats and answers to your questions. Thanks
Hi Adam,

Are you still looking for a Fuel Tank/Straps, Propeller, Oil Cooler/Adapter Plate, etc.?

If so, then you may want to touch base with me, as I have what you are looking for.

Thanks, Konrad / Cell: 505-480-4545 / Email: klwerner@comcast.net
The new format is amazing. Even though N127PZ has a new home I am still hopeful to get to OSH and see you all again. I am floating the idea of anyone in the western states who may want to vacation at the Atlantic Ocean for a month and swap homes so we can vacation out west. Chris has decided that sun and desert are better than ocean and flooding.
TDPilot.... Hello! Chucker here.

I am a retired Navy pilot and a retired UPS pilot....but I'm only 62 years old. I was thinking of doing some air attack flying. Do you have any thoughts on the business?
Hi Sonerainut, this is Harry (freeinhim) out of Tampa. I have N747VG the red and white IIL with the warp drive prop (some pics are in the gallery) Give me a call. 813-610-8226