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I've just switched from compression springs and chains to a direct steering rod. My issue is that it's possible to go over-center and lock the rudder full deflection; not good. I like your setup. Could you give me the dimensions of the tab you bolted to the tailwheel castor? Also, where did you get or how did you fabricate the actual rod that the rod-end bearings screwed into?
Thanks so much; I really appreciate it. I'll let you know how it works once I finish it.
I finished fabricating the control rod and bracket and did 10 high speed taxi runs yesterday; it worked great. It was a bit sensitive but I like the positive feel. Thanks again for the drawing and pics. I didn't realize the connection at tail-wheel had to be aft of the tail-wheel pivot point to prevent the over-center lockout. I could send you a picture in an email. Jon
Bought the jewel last week, It came with a 1835, thinking of buying a new 2100d to bolt on. I'm 6 foot 230 any suggestions on my choice?
Dave Wilcox, X-Sonerai builder / owner. Just heard N136DE is back in the air after a long grounding between owners. I live in Payson AZ and fly a Sonex. Also, getting a Jabiru back into the air this week. I thought I’d join the group and listen in. I had >2000 in the Sonerai. Great little plane.
I see you are flying Mofoco 041 head. I have the 040A heads on my 2276cc Cygnet SF2A how many hours do you have on them?

I would prefer the smaller valves of the real 040 head.

Hi Matt,

74 hours spread over four years on the 2276. My first engine was a 2180 with 042 heads and all four cracked between the valves. Since I went to the smaller valves, no problems. They do love to be lapped, though.

Nice video!

I’d like to trade my 1974 150 Lyc Duce for flying Sonerai 2 of approx equal value. I need a smaller plane than the Duce so I can fit my Tailwind and (hopefully) Sonerai 2 in one hangar, and I’m tired of open cockpit flying. for pics and stats and answers to your questions. Thanks
Hi Adam,

Are you still looking for a Fuel Tank/Straps, Propeller, Oil Cooler/Adapter Plate, etc.?

If so, then you may want to touch base with me, as I have what you are looking for.

Thanks, Konrad / Cell: 505-480-4545 / Email:
The new format is amazing. Even though N127PZ has a new home I am still hopeful to get to OSH and see you all again. I am floating the idea of anyone in the western states who may want to vacation at the Atlantic Ocean for a month and swap homes so we can vacation out west. Chris has decided that sun and desert are better than ocean and flooding.
TDPilot.... Hello! Chucker here.

I am a retired Navy pilot and a retired UPS pilot....but I'm only 62 years old. I was thinking of doing some air attack flying. Do you have any thoughts on the business?
Hi Sonerainut, this is Harry (freeinhim) out of Tampa. I have N747VG the red and white IIL with the warp drive prop (some pics are in the gallery) Give me a call. 813-610-8226
Ken do you have a number I can reach you at? Im in between Chattanooga and Knoxville in Cleveland Tn
Been a long time. I bought unfinished Sonerai from you during the bad winter during your divorce. I still haven’t finished it yet. But I am close
That's great! Would love to see pictures, I flew mine for 5 years, sold it last year, bought RV4
How does the Sonerai compare in handling to the RV4 ?